All i want is 2 be Ur first thought in d morning,,,and,,,,d last call at night…..???

Luxury is when you have a big room in your heart that has not been taken.
Fall in love and enjoy the varied hues of life!

The tenderness of your lips, the fragrance of your breath, the warmth of your embrace and being with you is a dream come true.
I love you!

Love someone… not because they give you what you need, but because they give you feelings you never thought you needed!

Tenderness of your lips;
The fragrance of your breath;
The warmth of your embrace;
Being with you is like a dream come true.
Babe, I love you!

What’s Minnie without Mickey?
What’s Tigger without Pooh?
What’s Spongebob without Patrick?
What’s me without you?
Love you now and love you forever!

It takes courage and strength to keep our hearts open to others. The reward is great love!

Love is quiet strange, sometimes it becomes reason to live and sometimes reason to leave!

Another month, Another year, Another smile, Another tear, Another Summer, Winter too, but there will never ever be another YOU!
Love you!

Find arms that’ll hold you at your weakest;
Eyes that will see you at your ugliest;
Heart that will love you at your worst.
And if you have found it, you’ve found true love!