LAZINESS is the ‘father’ of all bad habits..
But ultimately he is a father & we should respect him!

-Be Lazy,
Think Crazy!

Husband:Aaj khana tumhari Maa ne banaya hai ? Wife:Haan par apko kaise pata chala ? Husband:Roz khaney mein kaaly baal milte hain aur aaj sufaid mila hai.

2day i have not sent Sms 2 anybody Except U.

2day i have not thought about anybody Except U.>
Because my policy is?
one day one fool…..!

You are my dream in my sleep.
You are my vision in my eye.
You are my smile on my lips.
You are beat of my heart.
You are Angel in my prayer.
You are light of my life!

Success is like a beautiful girl it might leave us at any time;
But failure is like a mother, it teaches us important lessons of life.
Good Luck!

May your days be filled with many happy hours;
And your life with many happy birthdays.
Happy Birthday!

1 Khushbu
Gulab k Sath
Thori c Hansi
Mzak k Sath
1 Yad Mulaqat K Sath
Nhi Sbha Surj Ki Pehli Kiran K Sath
Hmesha Khush Rho
Meri Duaon K Sath

NighT is SilenT,
NighT is SweeT,
NighT is Calm,
NighT is QuieT..
ßut Night is not compleTe
Without Wishing U Go_oD nighT

Hów tó win the heart of yóung girl? Hów to impress wóman? – kiss her, hug her, compliment her, lóve her, tease her, text her, protect her, listen to her, suppórt her… be loyal 4 her. Always message her sweet good night sms

Apun 1 Sher
Fekarela hai
Bole to
ho gayeli
Hai Night
Band Karne ka
Tube Light
aur sone ka Tight,
Bole to
Good Nite…